The Movement On Own Feet - Centipede

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Mrs. Jensen

After many years in emigration, Mrs. Bela Gran Jensen visited Czech Republic in 1990. Before she flew back home, she promised to a nurse in one Czech hospital that she would try to get some money for the paediatric department of her hospital. And the promise came true. Mrs. Běla came up with the idea of children helping other children. And that is how Centipede was born.  
At first, children drew Christmas cards, which they sold and made fist money for the help. The idea of the movement attracted more and more supporters among not only children, but adults as well. The importance of the movement is confirmed by the patronage of important personalities of the world political life.
But, there were not only Christmas cards. The children themselves came with their own ideas how to get more money to help more to their friends. Mrs. Běla managed to attract many personalities who are able to bring the ideas of the children to reality.
Even though, Mrs. Bela wants to stay in the back...

“Important is that Centipede is an educative movement that exists thanks to the wonderful Czech teachers who have extremely social feelings and responsibility for the young generation. Centipede children can make something for their friends who suffer by the fact that we – adults – are not able to discuss and we use weapons. That is why we take the most important thing from the children – the right for their childhood. The Centipede children send material help, but with that, also their love and give a little hope to the affected children for future.
Mrs. Bela Gran Jensen is the patron of the Psychiatric hospital for children in Oparany and supports the development of the modern paediatric psychology.
Mrs. Bela is member of the board of the “D award”.

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