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Czech Army

The cooperation with the Czech Army started on March 9, 2000. Since then, help of the children to the children in the war-affected areas gained new dimensions. Have a look:

  • Delivery of 4 ambulance cars to Balkan
  • Equipment for 5 classes in Rizvanovic and Hambarine (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Reconstruction of a school in Sredna Lamovita (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Reconstruction of a school in Braine (Kosovo)
  • Equipment for 12 school in Kosovo with the teaching tools
  • Delivery of a water pump and repair of the well in the school in Shtedim (Kosovo)

  • In December 2002, 60 children from Kosovo were invited to a recreational stay in Bedřichov. With the help from the children of the elementary schools in Trutnov, Nová Paka, Velké Poříčí and Kladská in Prague the Kosovo children built “Their dream”; on the paper boxes and ceramics they built how their Podujevo city should look like when it would be reconstructed by the adults -click here.
  • In 2002, with the help of the 6th field hospital one school in Afghanistan was equipped with the school tools
  • In 2003 toys and vitamins were sent to the patients of the 7th field hospital. Moreover, a school in Al-Areen in Basra (Iraq) was equipped - click here.
  • Reconstruction of a school in Doberdol (Kosovo) -  click here
  • Delivery of 1 ambulance car, pharmaceuticals and school equipment to Babin Most (Kosovo)
  • Reconstruction of children playground in Hertice (Kosovo)
  • In 2005 toys and vitamins for Pakistan
  • Basra - school equipment for children of Iraq policy
  • financial help for HIV positive children or children with fully developed AIDS children in Thailand and Cambodia
  • In 2006 was built little school for children in Bosnian village Grk
  • School Tent for children from Logar - Afghanistan
  • Ambulance Car repair (next Centipede Ambulance)
  • firewood delivery for children from Logar - Afghanistan
  • distribution of textbooks, school library equipment, obsterical sets for midwifes and doctors - Logar in Afghanistan

The soldiers help with their voluntary work where needed. A very good example can be the help of the soldiers from Bechyně who helped with building of the zoo farm in Psychiatric hospital for children in Oparany.

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