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... - 1996

  • Over 40 hospitals and medical facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia got equipment and other help in total value more than 40 million Czech crowns
  • 6 schools in Moravia and Slovakia affected by the floods in 1997 got help in total value more than 3 million Czech crowns
  • Help to the social and medical institutions and rehabilitation facilities for the children in the total value over 16 million Czech crowns


  • In November 1997, the Movement was very honoured by receiving the invitation to the Norwegian nation-wide campaign “Let’s fight against cancer”; the Centipede children draw and donated over 70 pictures. Selling them on the exhibition in Oslo earned more than 950 000,- CZK
  • EKG D Plus – Sokolov
  • Monitor and equipment – Sokolov
  • Infusomat fm – Vsetín
  • Nellcor – Vsetín
  • ABPM Space Lab – Frýdek Místek
  • Computers for schools and orphanages in Moravia
  • A gift to the Norwegian Cancer Association – cheque in value of 218 000,- NOK


  • In 1998 the help to the psychiatric hospitals for children in Oparany and Hran u Trebisova in total value more than 1 million crowns
  • Linear dosing machine B-D Pilot A – Praha Motol paediatric department (8 pieces), Bratislava (2 pieces), Kosice (one piece) and Banska Bystrica (one piece)
  • Monitor Virdia M3 with equipment – Prerov
  • Warming bed for Neonatal – Martin
  • Infusomat – Martin
  • Perfusor Compact – Martin
  • Ford Transit – Psychiatric hospital for children – Oparany
  • Ambulance car – Zilina

1999 - 2000

  • Felicia Combi RC 196-00 – Kosice
  • Swimming pool - Psychiatric hospital for children – Oparany
  • HP monitor Viridia – Beroun
  • Oxymeter – Sokolov
  • Renovation of the daily sanatorium MsU Zilina Hliny
  • Ambulance cars for former Yugoslavia – 4 Ford Transit cars with equipment
  • Action “Ambulance cars full of crayons full of love” – the school tools for children with help of the SFOR troops


  • Equipment for 5 classrooms in Hambarine and Rizvanovic
  • Reconstruction of the school in Sredna Lamovita
  • The elevator for the handicapped children in elementary school in Strakonice
  • Action “Light for Bosnia”
  • Equipment for the sport ground in the Psychiatric hospital for children – Oparany
  • Help to the hospitals in Sokolov and Beroun


  • Climbing wall in Psychiatric hospital for children – Oparany
  • Incubator – Prostejov
  • Reconstruction of the elementary school in Braine – Kosovo
  • Synoptophore – children’s hospital in Litomysl
  • Beds – children´s home in Karlovy Vary
  • EME Infant flow driver neonatological department of the gynaecological clinic VFN Praha


  • “School of Dreams” – help with renovation or building and equipping of 12 Kosovo schools – with cooperation of the General Staff of the Army of Czech Republic and peace troops of the Czech Army
  • Collections for the children in war-affected Iraq
  • Clothing for the children in Kosovo
  • Building of the zoo farm in Psychiatric hospital for children – Oparany


  • Collection for the children in tsunami-affected areas
  • School uniforms and equipment for 120 children in Baan-Boh-chet-look Elementary School in Satun province in Southern Thailand
  • Toys and school equipment for the children from House of Family in Phnompenh in Cambodia
  • School equipment for the children from Basra in Iraq


  • VW Transporter for children from Psychiatric hospital for children – Oparany
  • self-containded schoolbags for 25 children and school equipment in Bosnian village Grk
  • material for water supply (school in Pas Pul - Afghanistan), school-desk (school in Wakhidrew - Aghanistan)


  • sport equipment for the children from Logar - Afghanistan
  • swimming pool repair in DPL Oparany
  • Equipment for Special School for weak-eyed and sightless children in Plzen


  • school tent for the children from Logar - Afghanistan
  • ambulance car repair (next Centipede Ambulance)
  • firewood for children from Logar - Afghanistan


  • textbooks, school library equipment, obsterical sets for midwifes and doctors - Logar in Afghanistan


  • collecting of first-aid kits for Afghan soldiers and police
  • school equipment aids, textbooks and workbooks for Afghan children


  • provision of training courses for Afghan women and girls
  • purchase of medical supplies, blankets and toys for children in hospitals

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