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DPL Oparany

  • We have cooperated with the Movement “On Own Feet” since 1996. President of the Movement Mrs. Bela Gran Jensen has become the patron of our hospital in 2000.
  • The Centipede movement helped the hospital in many areas. In 1998, the hospital got a Ford Transit car, (for the trips, shopping and visiting doctors), it supported the projects of the motoric programs and activities by building and outdoor roofed pool with whirl pool in 2000 and the climbing wall in 2002.
  • Lately, Centipede friends helped us with the project of the zoo therapy. On the hospital grounds, we are building a small farm and a garden. We will take care of the Cameron goats and exotic poultry and pigeons, plant fruits, flowers, fruit trees and bushes.  

  • Without the help of the Centipede people, our hospital could not have such a variety of programs of treatments for the children.
  • Mrs. Bela Gran Jensen visits our hospital regularly; she is in personal contact with the children. She does not refuse to communicate with them even by internet and by this, she is supporting their healing process very much. Many Centipede adult friends visited our hospital and come back.
  • The Hospital appreciated the cooperation with Centipede a lot. We do not want to be only recipients of the help; that is why we take part in various activities of the Movement – we organize meetings, consultations, courses of ceramic, help with organizing the Centipede help abroad: ambulance cars to Bosnia, equipment for the schools in Kosovo (decorating classes etc.).
  • Most important is that even the children’s psychiatry as such is very much supported by the Centipede. Its support is no only formal, but real, true and selfless, human and friendly. Both children and adults gain new friendship… We succeed to stay on our own feet, literally. On our own feet, we walk forward, gravely. We thank and we appreciate our solidarity a lot.

Dr. Iva Hodkova,
Psychiatric Hospital for Children in Oparany

In the autumn of 2006 DPL Opařany celebrated 10th anniversary of cooperation with the Centipede. Click on the next photo.

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