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Musical Never Be Alone

Tuesday, February 5, 2008. Long before the start, groups of children and adults started to gather in front of theatre Minor in Vodickova st. in Prague. They had the opportunity to attend the opening night of the Czech version of the musical „Never Be Alone“. Except the Centipede children, teachers and the president of the Movement Mrs. Bela there were many VIP guests: the author of the musical, significant Norwegian composer Mr. Arne Bendiksen with his wife, the Norwegian Ambassador H.E. Peter Nicolay Rader, General Major Josef Proks, Senator MUDr. Richard Sequens and the Czech translator of the musical PhDr. Jiri Josek.

Shortly after 6 p.m. the children of the Disman radio choir entered the floor who rehearsed the musical, lead by Mr. and Mrs. Flegl. One song followed another, each one of different style… In the background, short films about making the Christmas cards in the kindergarten Smetanka in Prague were screened; also short films about the children in Kosovo and other war-affected areas were shown. All the songs were awarded by a huge applause; the biggest one for the Centipede anthem „Never Be Alone“ which is loved and very well known to all the children. One could not believe that all 17 songs were sung and the performance came to an end.
Mr. Arne Bendiksen, who came to the floor after, thanked everybody for a marvelous performance and sang the Centipede anthem. Mrs. Bela, Mr. Arne Bendiksen and General Major Proks handed over the diplomas, flowers and beautiful T-shirts with the logo of the new Centipede program – „No Bullies Fashion“. This program tries to approach the school children and youth.
There were not enough of surprises yet. With a huge applause, Mrs. Bela invited to the floor a Centipede friend Pepa Vagner. He sang one of his greatest hits – Mne silu das – to thank the Centipede children for such accepting him in such a great way.
Nobody wanted to say goodbye. Mr. Bendiksen and other quests had to sign many times, camera flashes were everywhere. Everybody loved the beautiful performance and for most of the children this will be one of the greatest experiences of their lives.

The discussion with Mrs. Bela and Mr. Arne Bendiksen was shown on CT2 in the program Udalosti v kulture. To watch the discussion, click here.

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